Ever notice the "mobile-friendly" tag on a website?


Google has recently decided to penalize sites that are not mobile-friendly in their search engine rankings. Contact Finestkind Web Design about how to prevent this from happening to your site.

What is responsive web design?

One size fits all is a good way to think of pages set up to handle responsive design. Your customers will notice whether your pages are too big or too small for their screens. At Finestkind Web Design, we tailor screens to automatically fit the varying sizes of the devices people use.

Have you ever looked at a web page and thought it was the wrong size for the screen? What impression do you have of that company? At the least, that they need to have some technical help getting their website updated. Many times it is a cause of frustration because when the screen is too small or the images are too large they become difficult to navigate and sometimes impossible to use to get the information you need. The key to making sure a customer has a positive experience on your website is to be flexible--understand that not all customers are using the same technology and try to accomodate as many popular devices and browsers as possible.

How do small businesses benefit from Finestkind Web Design's approach?

We offer a three-hour work block to show you what we can do. This is a relatively inexpensive way to get to know each other and provide some return on investment. Here is what you will get for our small businesss evaluation track:

  • Web design alternatives and mock up for site creation or changes
  • A clear strategy on what marketing techniques are most important for optimizing traffic to your web site
  • How hardware virtualization and cloud alternatives might benefit your company
  • Backup and security analysis
  • Social media analysis
  • Search engine optimization plan

A seasoned professional can help you grow your business in many ways, including intelligent web design.

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