What is hosting?

(based on the October 2016 article in our blog)

If you have a website, you must host it somewhere that is connected to the Internet. Hosting companies have servers (sometimes thousands of them) where you keep your website pages, settings and files. The company that provides the hosting also maintains those servers for your website. Hosting companies may require you to pay for a plan of services in case you need technical support and offer many different levels of quality and service. Some website developers (such as Finestkind) offer hosting through a national company and pay the overhead themselves. This means that the hosting is physically located somewhere in their office or on their property. If you have a website you need to prepare for disaster—which not surprisingly is called disaster recovery. Some of the potential disasters that these places plan for are fire, electrical outages, hackers, computer hardware failure, vandalism, theft, and loss of Internet connectivity.

What hosting plans do you offer?

We offer three different kinds of server hosting plans. Set-up is not included with the plan and the time required varies depending on the website requirements.

Standard Server

Most clients only need our standard server offering. Your server can be configured as either Wordpress or Apache.

$40/month (includes 1 hour of design time per month)
E-commerce Server

You would need an e-commerce server agreement if you have a shopping cart. The base server runs Apache and CubeCart is included, other carts available for a fee. $50/month (includes 1 hour of design time per month) You will also require an SSL certificate for online payment processing.
Web Application Server

This server is only for clients who need custom applications that require an enterprise application server. We use Apache Tomcat 9. $55/month (includes 1 hour of design time per month)

Payment options: Bimonthly, Semi-Annually*, Annually*. All prices subject to change without notice. Finestkind Web Design will maintain all current pre-paid hosting period rates unless otherwise negotiated with the express consent of the client.

*Call to ask about discounted rates for pre-paid Semi-Annual and Annual Hosting Payment Options


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